Lawn Chair for the End of the World

Euro pallet, SCART, 3 core flex, audio left right and telephone cables

70 x 66 x 80 cm


“…Pallets are an easy starting point as the squirrel survivors have all but forgotten what the letters LO-GIS-TICS and EU-RO-STA-NDA-RD mean. Pallets, once an emblem of the connected world and a vital simple universal talisman of the modern age, are now rendered defunct by the Pinterest Art Nuveau movement.

I wrestle the two pallets I need from a desperate looking squirrel that was planning to make them into a wine rack and a set of Venetian blinds. Ha! How lowbrow. Eat dust sucker…”

“…The kind candy squirrel told me as we parted ways that Stove Henge was still untouched by scrabbling desperate fingers. He thought I might find colour there. My need for lilac is not easy to ignore.

Light footed I pick my way quickly and carefully across the non-space spills of stuff. I come to a clearing where arranged in a circle are seven deep-freezers. I don’t dwell on the ritualism vibes and instead tip myself in to the first. Behold! One of the ancients was upgrading from VHS to DVD and tossed his SCART cables! I shuck the hard plastic ends like oyster shells to find the most beautiful mother of pearl prism of light: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Composite, Logic lilac, Earth.

A scuffle behind me. A rustle of leaves. A rat. A princess. Dressed in a white football costume. I am not alone, I grab what I can and bounce back along the beaten desire line…”

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