Original Veneered Plywood, Screws, Electro-plated Knobs, Spray Paint

20cm x 30cm C-Type Print


From their true form, overlooked for countless years, in first showrooms, then homes, and then thrift shops these objects are crafted into a manipulated reality. I deconstruct the objects, fundamentally understand the design and problem making of not just the object but their creator, and through diminishing the proportions I cross from factory produced to craft and come to understand my own relationship with the object.

But the full force of the work comes in to being when allowed to have an aspect with the viewer, moving from a forgotten object to an object that operates to call our attention to our situation and the created spaces around us. As fully functioning forms, the pieces are affective not only as photograph but as interactive objects. Their unique functionality opens the way for a new experience with the every day and the commonplace.

© Giulia Lazzaro 2015