Wrapping Paper, Card, Ply Wood, Sand, Acetate, Acrylic, Wire, Christmas Tree Lights

32cm x 52cm Diasec Mounted C-Type Print



This constructed miniature mise en scene is a direct response to the environments in London I encounter daily. With an emphasis on craft and a devout methodology, I first construct these sites in a diminutive scale, pertaining to my questionable security in the real world, then embellish and alternate so they become foreign and fantastical.

The piece involves the perceived aspect of a site or place in relation to other visual stimuli. What was once the recognisable facade of the Archway Methodist Church, a symbol of the demure and grey attitude of many of the residents, now has become an image born from a rich and colourful history of literature, film and architecture.


© Giulia Lazzaro 2015