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“Look Book” for The End of The World – Published in The Suburban Review #14 DETRITUS

“…Criticism, once the privy of the Left, is now the essential style finish. Dress it up in Cassis and Champagne tones and fringe around all furniture and carpets for that self-aware look…”

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Interview with Zoe Kingsley, Co-deputy Editor for The Suburban Review, August 8th 2019

“…At the moment I’m thinking that trends function a bit like Schrödinger’s cat: Every trend is simultaneously on point until someone (a young painter and their patron/a look book author/@dietprada) bears witness and declares a winner…”

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Full Pro Kit Wankers

Giulia Lazzaro, 2018

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‘Full Pro Kit Wankers’ is a Facebook Group set up in 2013. The following quote is taken from the about page, the creators describe the group as ‘[d]edicated to everything cycling based around the premise of you should be out supporting your local clubs and shops rather than dressing like a wanker.’ The following text endeavours to deconstruct this title and manifesto in order to understand what is meant by Full, Pro, Kit, and Wanker and to understand the group’s place in a post-modern roadscape. Using the affiliated language and images of this group as objects for analysis, each chapter begins from a different perspective; as cyborgs, as doctrine, as authority, as fashion, in negative space, and both publicly and privately funded. By way of introduction, I describe how my reluctance to subject this group to my own prior assumptions results in a lack of any formal assessment.

In support of my arguments I refer to a wide array of anthropological studies on cycling behaviour, each with different localities, by researchers including Rachel Aldred, Patrick Kiernan and Dag Balkmar. Essays by critical theorists Donna Haraway and John Urry are used to articulate terms such as ‘cyborg’ and ‘automobility’ and a smorgasbord of websites, social media and forums are used as evidence of the behaviour and strategies outlined. Further primary research sources include observations of cycling cultures in both Britain (London and Glasgow) and Denmark (Copenhagen), and conversations with individuals working in the cycle industry in Glasgow and conversations with commuter cyclists in London.

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Review of GSA MFA Degree Show by Chloë Reid.

Published in Art Review Glasgow June 2018. Click here for full review. 

“…Giulia Lazzaro wears one of these ensembles as she and Clark test her bicyclette on the Côte d’Azur once a day for 4 minutes. The bicyclette needs to be seen in the flesh. Lazzaro has painstakingly fabricated this vehicle with the help of a variety of technicians. She acknowledges her support team with large colourful logo stickers on the wall. The title of the piece, Let’s All Make The Bicyclette // Let’s All Break The Bicyclette reinforces the collaborative effort involved and carries the weight of her undertaking by embedding its potential for failure. There are niche, failure-related design references all over this project that I’m too limited to recall so among other things, it’s cool…”